Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Shad Valley Summer Program

The SHAD experience is a lifelong experience and begins with our month-long summer program, which will show you what you can achieve if you think big and pursue your extraordinary potential.

Each year, top-performing Grades 10, 11 and 12 students (Secondaire IV, V, or CEGEP 1 in Quebec) or the international equivalent, compete for a place in the month-long program, which is focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) disciplines. More than 600 students are accepted annually to participate and live in-residence on one of our host university campuses across Canada during the July program.

“SHAD is a time in your life when anything you think of can become a reality. I really believe if you go through high school without SHAD, you’re not getting the complete experience. It’s that essential. You have to go!” - Bruce Gao, SHAD '12

SHAD provides the unique opportunity to explore a university campus while still in high school, and experience higher learning in a supportive yet challenging environment. Included are lectures, seminars and workshops, presentations by industry leaders, working in teams to simulate a ‘startup’ project, and recreational activities.

The SHAD Entrepreneurship Challenge is a highlight of the program: teams of participants work together to develop a solution to a big problem by applying scientific principles to develop engineering, design and entrepreneurship projects. You will create a real life product or service, conducting market surveys, creating business plans and even engineering working prototypes. The challenge culminates in awarding of the SHAD - John Dobson Entrepreneurship Cup recognizing the top project developed during the program.

SHAD participants are also eligible for a summer volunteer internship for the month of August, immediately following the July in-residence university program.

Students who are offered a place in the program are well-rounded, emerging leaders who demonstrate their initiative, creativity and entrepreneurial flair even before attending the program. Most are high academic achievers and are also participating in extra-curricular activities. There is no cost to apply, and any student interested in participating is encouraged to submit an application. Opportunities are available for those with proven financial need, eliminating barriers to participation.

More information can be found here.